[html]<boxinfopost><center><boxinfopostletter>N</boxinfopostletter>o matter how long the forum exists, it will always be in development.<br>
As the forum was created on a platform that is constantly being updated and making new features available, it is important to know what really matters to you.<br>
If you missed any feature while browsing the forum you can write in the comments below. If the resource is available on the Mybb platform, it will be incremented to the forum and a warning will be visible to all members on a specific topic.<br>
Keep in mind that the forum uses scripts and as time passes, some of these may not work correctly. If you find something strange while browsing the forum, you can take advantage of this space to report what happened.<br>
Suggestions for the forum layout are also welcome.<br>
Comments that do not meet the requirements of this topic will be ignored and, depending on the case, deleted.</center></boxinfopost>[/html]

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