This forum area was created for all those who love taking pictures of your game and / or your Sims and would like to show them to the world.
Be creative and inspiring.
[html][/html]The Forum has several features for you to create a unique album with your face.
The Forum is dedicated to The Sims 3, but you have complete freedom to show photos of other games (TS1, TS2, TS4 and etc.). The only restriction is that files from these other games should not be shared in the forum to avoid confusion, such as the case of someone installing a file in TS3 that belongs to another game. If someone requests any item of your photos that do not belong to The Sims 3, the links must be shared via PM.
Images should not exceed 800px x 800px.
Avoid images in PNG format because they delay loading the forum. If you want to show photos with better quality (higher resolution, png format), place a link below the photos so that people can access your HQ photos on an external album (Imgur, Photobucket, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.).
It is expressly forbidden the exposure of photos with pornographic content, nudity, violence or any other subject that is embarrassing and flee from the rules and orders of behavior of the forum. Images that do not fit the forum guidelines will be removed without prior notice. If the author of the album does not comply with the established norms, it may have his album excluded and, in extreme cases, the member may be banned from the forum.
Be kind to comment on the albums. Respect the style of each one in the same way you would like to be respected.
Offensive comments will be removed and the offender may be banned from the forum.
If you see any irregularities in an album or album post, use the report button at the end of the right side of each post. Do not worry: when reporting any irregularity, the Administrator undertakes to keep his identity absolutely confidential - no one will know who was responsible for the complaint.

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