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Thematic / others

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Oriental Clothes by LemonLeaf

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♡LOLITA Maid uniformⅡ♡ by LemonLeaf[html]<center><buttompostor><a href="">Original post</a></buttompostor></center>[/html]

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Orange Is The New Black - Uniforms by Cloudwalker Sims

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'Rainy Days' - Layered Dress by Anita

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#capitalsims #femaleassassinscreedset

Assassin's Creed Set Part 2 by Anita

More images[html]<center><buttompostor><a href="">Male Sets</a></buttompostor></center>[/html]

Creator's notes

● You may notice on some of the meshes in CAS, that there are odd shiny shadows/lighting on the meshes, don't worry they do not appear in game, they only appear in CAS because of new mesh properties etc.
● These outfits have been UV mapped in a special way so as to adapt to the sims 3 game, please do not use any other boots apart from those that are included in the set because it is likely other boots' textures will overlap, so just use the ones I made. For Fiora please download my DMC boots because I know for a fact the textures from those boots do not overlap, her original boots used alpha transparency so I couldn't convert them to sims 3.
● Fiora's fan blades has two styles: one has a Templar logo the other has an Assassin logo...which one is she gonna be huh? :D Also these is an Assassin style hood for the ladies in Accessories.
● The meshes are generally higher poly than usual sims 3 full body meshes (not insanely high however), but this is because AC meshes are more highly detailed, the textures are also high quality, but don't worry everything is 1024 x 1024 except for the multiplier on The courtesan's outfit which are 2048 x 2048 (hq mod not required though) because they had little UV space.
● Everything has a custom thumbnail so it's easy to find.
● All morphs and LODs included.

[html][/html]'The Courtesan' Fiora's Elite Templar Gear And Bonus Assasin Accessories

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#benedictwallace #harleyquinncostume #halloweencloth

Harley Quinn Top by Benedictwallace

Information[html]<center><buttompostord><a href="">Eyeshadow</a></buttompostord><buttompostord><a href="">Blush</a></buttompostord></center>[/html]


You are here » Home » Young Adult / Adult - Female clothes » Thematic / others

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