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Broken links

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[html]<boxinfopost><center><boxinfopostletter>A</boxinfopostletter>ll broken links found in the forum should be reported in this topic.<br>
To enter a link, simply click on the 'Broken Links' button at the bottom of the posts in all forum sharing areas..<br>
Clicking the button will automatically redirect you to the answer field on this page and a link will be generated on it, requiring you only to click on the 'Submit' button for the information to be posted..<br>
The links reported here will be reviewed and if they follow the rules, will be corrected as soon as possible..<br>
If the link reported here is from an external page (creator's website, in the 'Sims 3 Finds' forum), the post will be moved to the corresponding backup area. Keep in mind that to add any file to the backup area, we will need to upload it first to the forum or other sharing site (Simfileshare, dropbox, etc.) in order to provide a download link. If this file cannot be recovered, it will be moved to the corresponding 'Not Found' category and will remain there until someone posts it to the forum.<br>
Keeping the forum in order requires a lot of dedication and effort, so be patient.</center></boxinfopost>[/html]



Broken link: topic 3dheaven2hell Post nº 16


You are here » Home » Forum Support » Broken links

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