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Male / Female - All ages

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#capitalsims #maleskin #femaleskin #adultskin #childskin #babyskin

Luxury Skin - Non Default & Default Skins by Anita

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#capitalsims #maleskin #femaleskin #adultskin #childskin #babyskin

Clarity Skin - Smooth Default And Non Default Skin by Anita

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Creator's notes

For skins to work properly delete the file called simCompositorCache.package in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 before installing and using the skin.

Default Replacement
This will replace the EA skin, so make sure you do not have any other default replacement skins because you can only have one default replacement. Remember you can download all the downloads attached, so you can have the non defaults and the defaults together if you want.

Non Default
If you want the ND version then download the package titled 'CapitalSims_ClaritySkinNonDefault' , this will not replace EA Skin, there are 5 tone ramps all together, use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll through the tone ramps (if you don't have mods that extend the skin panel). you can download the non defaults and the defaults together if you want they will not conflict as they have different instances. If you only want one then I would recommend the non defaults because it contains more skin tone ramps and is more realistic compared to the EA tone ramps.


You are here » Home » Skins » Male / Female - All ages

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