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Capital Sims

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#smallappliance #coffeemaker

Kinetic Kitchen Coffee Maker by Anita

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#electronic #misceletronic #videogame #playstation4

PlayStation 4 by Anita

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#decor #miscdecor #rifle #militarydecor #wartank #pistol #artillery #sandbag #helicopter #missil #explosivemine #warobject

Military Set by Anita

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Creator's information

This set contains 27 new meshes to customize your military base. It consists mainly of Russian and US military equipment. In this download you will find many drivable vehicles, decorative aircraft, decorative weapons and other decor military clutter.
There are 3 functional/drivable Tanks (including an APC - T-90, Abrams and Stryker), The KUB is decor, three drivable vehicles (Humvee, MTVR and Gaz), all the weapons can be placed on shelves and storage, and the Artillery Ammo is stackable. The decor items are all found in Misc decor. Oh and a tip you can mount the minigun on places like on top of the sandbags by using OMSP.
The poly-counts for some objects are high but it's nothing bad or insane, thus the poly-counts are good for the general geometry. Textures are hand-painted and good quality because the models are from games like Call of Duty, Arma and Battlefield. Everything can be recolored.



#electronic #tv #tabletv

Samsung 3D LED Smart TV Series 8 by Anita

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#decor #miscdecor #axialfan #microphone #camera #filmstudiodecor #studioscafolding #lighting #floorlamp #comfort #misccomfort #directorchair

Film Set Studio Stuff

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Creator's informations

Director's Chair:
Comes in two styles, one is plain, the other has the word 'director' at the back.

Used to spin or rotate the camera smoothly. Is a functional desk, place camera on top.

Professional Camera:
Is a functional computer, place on top of tripod.

Camera on Jib Crane:
Used to film scenes from high up to ground level. Is a Decorative object, with edited LN camera. It is also slightly larger than one floor level so place in an open 2 floor level building or place outside.

Boom Microphone:
Used to pick up sound clearly. Is a Decorative object, slightly leaning backwards, in buy-mode use 'moveobjects on' cheat, hold the Alt key and move the boom mic to lean against a wall, sim or any other object

Axial Fan:
Used to create various effects, from  a mild wind to a violent storm. Is a decorative object. I managed to correctly animate it by creating it's own script, new RIG etc (Thanks Cmomoney for your guidance). but I found that when you get close to it, it lags a bit because of it's size and probably also because of the concentration of polygons on the fan handles. So I discarded the animation, it's just a deco object now, and of course no issues.

Strobe on stand Light with Umbrella:
Very large light source for producing soft shadows when lighting a scene.

Studio Scaffolding:
used to support studio ascents such as overhead lighting, mounting a background etc. Includes two pieces. Use the 'playground fence' by EA (I believe it came with the base game) and then use 'moveobjects on' cheat and start putting the scaffolding in the corners of the fence or in the middle to create a realistic structure.



#decor #painting #museumdecor

Exquisite Large 18th Century Paintings by Anita & Tyler

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#office #surface #desk #comfort #diningchair #misccomfort #studyset

Valiant Office by Anita

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