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Thematic / others

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Orange Is The New Black - Uniforms by Cloudwalker Sims

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#capitalsims #maleassassinscreedset

Assassin's Creed Set Part 2 by Anita

More images[html]<center><buttompostor><a href="">Fiora's Elite Templar Gear Set</a></buttompostor></center>[/html]

Creator's notes

● You may notice on some of the meshes in CAS, that there are odd shiny shadows/lighting on the meshes, don't worry they do not appear in game, they only appear in CAS because of new mesh properties etc.
● On Connor's outfit: his hands and half his legs are missing, don't panic! you have to go to shoes and click his boots and his hands and legs will appear, it was impossible to attach hands to outfit because of joint limit.And it would be stupid to have full legs because it would clip through his thigh high boots (and an added benefit of lowered poly-count!).
● These outfits have been UV mapped in a special way so as to adapt to the sims 3 game, please do not use any other boots apart from those that are included in the set because it is likely other boots' textures will overlap, so just use the ones I made.
● Connor's and Ezio's outfits have accessory belts etc. please go to accessories to apply the full Assassin gear.
● There is an extended hidden blade included with  Ezio's gear, so if you want the blades out just go to accessories and find the extended blades, you can recolour it to have bloody tips too!
● Connor's hood is an Accessory, so you can have him with the hood down if you like
● The meshes are generally higher poly than usual sims 3 full body meshes (not insanely high however), but this is because AC meshes are more highly detailed, the textures are also high quality, but don't worry everything is 1024 x 1024 except for the multiplier on Connor's boots which are 2048 x 2048 (hq mod not required though) because they had little UV space.
● Everything has a custom thumbnail so it's easy to find.
● All morphs and LODs included.

[html][/html]Ezio Assassin Gear

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[tipsy=Accessory available for females too][/tipsy]

[html][/html]Connor Assassin Gear

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[tipsy=Accessory available for females too][/tipsy]

[html][/html]Young Ezio's Florentine Noble Attire

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Katakura Set - Outfit by Momo_ka

More images + Information[html]<center><buttompostord><a href="">Face Paint</a></buttompostord><buttompostord><a href="">Shoes</a></buttompostord></center>[/html]


You are here » Home » Young Adult / Adult - Male clothes » Thematic / others

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