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For the hair / head

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#cloudwalkersims #femalehat #femaleheadglasses

Midnight Hollows Dehaired Accessories by Cloudwalker Sims

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#cloudwalkersims #femalehat

Pillbox Hat Accessory by Cloudwalker Sims



#capitalsims #femalenativeamericancostume #femalewolfheaddress #femaleanimalheaddress

The Tyranny Set - Wolf Headdress by Anita

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Creator's notes

Headdress found in Accessories > glasses
Categorized for T - E males and females
Have Custom thumbnail



#capitalsims #maternityaccessories #femalehat #sunhat

'Water Lily' Sunhat by Anita

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Creator's notes

● This hat looks nice with practically all summer themed outfits. I recommend using weave/wicker patterns on this hat it looks really good. A tip for you, have your sim wear some nice oversize shades to match the hat, it would compliment the look.
● This hat is placed in the earrings category and has a custom thumbnail so you can find it. It has three recolourable channels (hat, belt and flower). It's categorized for everyday, formal, swimwear, and pregnancy. It is also enabled for Teens to Elder.
● Note: If you want the hat to fit every hairstyle, I highly recommend Awt's hat sliders, they will allow you to re-size/rotate/move/tilt the hat to the correct proportions/position for the hairstyle you are using.
● For Females only.
● Ages range from Teen through to Elder.
● Found under Earrings.
● Categorized for everyday/formal/swimwear.
● Enabled for pregnancy.
● Please ignore odd shadows/lighting on hat in CAS, this happens to all accessories and does not occur during game play.


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You are here » Home » Female Accessories » For the hair / head

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